manga character

What is Manga?

What is manga, from its history to its modern day rise world-wide, and how has it become a billion-dollar industry with a millions of fans?

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the mech touch characters

The Mech Touch

The Mech Touch novel is for people who appreciate design, engineering and theoretical sci-fi technology. it just don’t focus on MC strength.

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abe wizard holding staff

Abe The Wizard

Abe the wizard start with our protagonist Abe being reincarnated into another world where human are at war with ogre for thousand of years.

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new age of summones characters

New Age Of Summoners

new age of summoners light novel The story takes place in a fantasy world with different races and main character unlock a system

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blood elf monarch characters

Blood Elf Monarch

Blood Elf Monarch light novel about MC getting summon in a world were elves and humans are fighting each other as enemies.

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supremacy games characters

Supremacy Games

Supremacy Games is a web novel. It has reincarnation Evolution And Cultivation. love it Or hate it. But it has a system in the novel.

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the devil cage characters

The Devil’s Cage

the devil’s cage with 1year left till his illness kills him. So with the savings he had, bought an illegal game that has equipment and material worth millions.

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light novel characters

What Are Light Novel 

Japan has a long history of being on the cutting edge of media and light novels, and these light novel have been a reference many popular anime.

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shadow slave characters

Shadow Slave

few decades ago, the nightmare spell first appeared in the world. When the infected started dying in their sleep, their bodies turned into monsters shadow slave.

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