Top 10 Manhwa Where Girl Reject Boy And Regrets It Later

characters rejected by girls

Ever since I watched the anime Kuzu no Honkai, where a guy had to go through a lot of pain and hardship just to get to this love in the end, it made me wonder if such scenarios still exist.

Me saying that is totally a Shounen thing would be overkill, as I’ve seen many shoujo manga depicting this kind of circumstance.

I’ve noticed that the majority of the suggestions follow a storyline where the girl is reluctant to go out with the guy solely because she is more mature than him, and has far more realistic goals.

For whatever it’s worth, I’ve come up with a list of top 10 Manhwa where the girl rejects the boy but ends up regretting it in the future.

10. Back to rule again.

If you want some Manhwa with girl rejects boy and regrets it, you must give it a go.

It has a good start, but that’s the only thing it had.

The art design is very well done and we’re given some background information on some

of the characters that are traveling with young fan.

The story does have some holes in it, but it all comes around to make a plot slowly

throughout which I found enjoyable.

You can also summon shadow soldiers just like solo leveling.

9. Apocalyptic Super System 

The end of the world is coming, terror covers the whole world, and the earth becomes a hunting ground for zombies and mutants.

Zhao Tianlei accidentally obtained a mysterious super system, although he is not a saint,

but seeing the tragic situation in the world and the death of his classmates, how he can

stand by and look at how Zhao Tianlei who has a super upgrade and exchange system leads

humans fight against corpses.

Restore human civilization.

It’s a pretty good one to be honest.

8. God Level Fisherman 

Who says that breeding cannot make a fortune?

Fish farming, ship farming, salvaging, a sunken ship, and the bubble star supermodel, this

is the story of fisherman Xiao Peng who became the richest man in the world with a small

fish farm.

Another typical urban Chinese story, this time in the form of the cultivation book rather

than a system or reincarnation.

Regardless he gets strong at all kinds of benefits having to do absolutely nothing to

gain them.

Return is here yos, I’m kidding.

7. Return from the World of Immortals 

One of the manhwa where the MC is trashed but suddenly awakens his past memories, thus beginning to rise above all,

I really like these kind of stories where the MCs from Zhangjia or Zuvia or Wuxia world gets back his previous

world memories and uses them in the current modern world to gain influence, fame, or money.

The great emperor Xing Shui is in the immortal world whose name was on earth was Tang Xu,

or should I say Tang Shui, he died in a disaster.

After his death, part of his soul comes back to his body on earth.

6. Cultivation Return on Campus 

He was the strongest and ruthless emperor

in the immortal world and the immortals at the same level are completely obedient before


He made the golden dragon surrender and took it as a mount, the legendary white tiger became

a kitty.

The vermillion bird became the KFC, slept with the nine heavens fairy, did the striptease

dance in the heavenly king’s palace, and now has returned to the city, becoming an

ordinary mortal teacher and is talking nonsense with you.

That little sister, you dress well, I’m here to teach you all to be a proper human of the


5. Rebirth of Abandoned Young Master 

In another manga where the MC gets rejected by a girl 300 years ago, abandoned young master Zhuo were thrown into the sea, but unfortunately

the master Zhun Zhun passed through the earth, taking him away from the earth, and started

his route to cultivation, sweeping the universe.

300 years later Zhuo failed his breakthrough return to the past, he was happy to face his

cold-blooded wife who let him down for the first life.

4. Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator 

It’s a really well written Manhwa, that during the anti cataclysm period, the monk Chen Fengyu fell into the catastrophe of the day, but

he dreamed of returning to the earth’s young age in 500 years, in the last life, I was

at the top of the universe, overlooking the world, and no one was accompanied.

This world is only willing to live with the right person, after 500 years, the immortal

reborn and returned to the city to make up for the regret and play the story of pretending

to be weak.

The story has several good things to mention and several things that could have been done


3. My Wife is a Demon Queen 

This is definitely a must read, well you have a classic isekai manhwa with a normal human being who is transferred to another world because of a ring, this of course that seems cliche and you were thinking about an overpowered

spart emcee with a hidden power because he is the incarnation, I would recommend this

to anyone who likes overpowered or spart emcees, but there is such a slow pacing, very slow

story and romance progress.

But the tournament of course, that arc of the tournament is the worst tournament arc

I’ve ever seen, yikes there’s nothing fun about it.

2. Duke Pendragon 

Pretty solid, classic but cool, read it as the art because that’s the only reason, the art is gorgeous so that’s the only reason I’m watching it.

Also in this manga, girls try to reject but the emcee rejects the girl and it was worth

the read.

Ravenwald, the second son of a lowly noble man, had been branded as a traitor with the

promise of a pardon, he was sent to fight monsters with the worst unit in the world,

the Raksaha, Raven survived 10 years in a place where only some would last that much.

One day before his pardon he was on his final mission on the battlefield alongside Eren

Pendragon, heir to the Pendragon duchy, when everything crumbled before his very eyes.

1.The Heavenly Demon Can’t Live a Normal Life 

This was one of the favorite manhwa I’ve ever had.

The art is average, not outstanding in any way, whether it’s good or bad.

Heavenly Demon Baek Jong Hyuk opens his eyes as the eldest son in the Dimitri family, known

as the fool of the Dimitri family, pushed over by the second son, the world’s opinion

is irrelevant.

Heavenly Demon, no, Roman Dimitri, cannot live a normal life, all in all, I think it’s

a very cool story.