Top 10 Manhwa Of MC In Strange World

manhwa character in strange world

MC In Strange World We know it’s not a common concept in career webtoons, but this is one of the most interesting and fun genres out there.

It is also one of the most popular topics because who wouldn’t want to experience life

in a strange world?

Let’s check out these Manhwa where the top rated ones are popular to see what makes them

so good.

Here we have put together a list of Manhwa and muhwa that fall under this theme.

Some of them depict characters who are stuck in a game or just find themselves in a strange world.

10.All Hail The Sect Leader

This is very good.

I like the characters of this Manhwa, especially the man-see, typical Manhwa plot where the

emcee gets underestimated and makes a comeback, but this is a different one since the emcee

isn’t that, you know, he’s not focused on himself instead on his depisals, or should

I say the disciples in this case.

This story is a hidden gem among many cultivation and martial arts Manhwa out there.

Sure, it might not be as good as the action-packed and dramatic as the other one, but it works.

But that’s not where the focus lies.

By adding a comedic element, the manga becomes much more enjoyable which in turn separates

it from all the other weak-to-strong emcee stories.

9.My path to killing gods in another world.

The Junius top student played games in an attempt to flirt with girls but was struck

by lightning on a rainy day and transported into the world of games.

To survive here, he could only rely on himself, surrounded by monsters and gods full of dangers,

can he still return to his own world and continue chasing girls?

8. I’m actually a cultivation big shot.

The dog he adopts becomes a demon king of a generation when it sees its homes and paintings

and manages to suppress an entire world.

The tree he plants behind his house becomes a world tree after listening to his zither


Forming a bridge between heaven and earth, he meets a pastor by who is enlightened by

him and becomes an immortal sage who leads an entire generation.

When he looks back, it turns out that the scholar who had been pestering him for his

calligraphy and paintings despite having crappy chess skills is a chess saint from the immortal


7. Regressor Instruction Manual.

This is really original.

At first I thought it was your typical regressor, I mean, I don’t know man, I think it’s a

typical regressor plot but the first plot twist hooked me and it will hook you too.

The characters are the main strong point of this manua.

The story although is a bit predictable but it’s quite enjoyable and the art is great

to be honest and the story is okay, so far as nothing significant I suppose has happened

for me to say that it’s a good story.

Though there isn’t much I can say that, I guess on that part, but one day our MC was

summoned to this strange world, beasts poured out and an incredible crisis came and it’s telling

couldn’t have been worse.

Yeah, it’s not that good.

Whether it’s chosen warriors or talented visitors, whether you’re gone back in time,

you have to take advantage of everything in order to survive.

Overall it’s a pretty nice manga.

6. Seoul Station Druid 

It is classic but still I love this kind of story.

It was started out as an ordinary day turned upside down when an unknown catastrophe struck earth transporting Suho Park to a different planet.

He eventually learns how to adapt and fight for his survival in this strange world, but

one day just as suddenly as he was sucked into this new planet, Suho is pulled back

on earth.

He then quickly learns that, returned to life as he remembers, it is no longer possible

as earth is in a constant battle with monsters who’ve managed to infiltrate the planet.

How will Suho fight against the monsters attacking earth?

Will he be able to survive this time with his current skills?

5. Reincarnation of Murim Clan’s Former Ranker 

This is pretty good. The MC is strong without being overpowered.

The strongest guild, Gryphon, SSS, Ranker, Gang, Tsaiha, challenges them alone but he

meets his death after a fierce battle.

However, I am this pig?

I open my eyes and it’s Murin.

I am Su Shin Un, the Rufian of Baek Un Clan, a chaotic situation with no time to rest,

in the midst of incoming death.

You guys have no idea who I am, necromancy from a former life and martial artist from a current life.

He wields both powers.

4. My Royal Awakening 

It’s a really well written monologue where your average guy struggling through life as a modern day korea gets reborn as a grand prince in the Joseon dynasty.

It seems like a pretty sweet deal right?

No, no, no, not if you’re a brother of King Yonsan, one of the most tyrannical kings in Yonsan’s history.

A reign of terror is imminent, and it’s only a matter of time before everything goes

downhill but with a new grand prince Jin Seung taking matters into his own hands, perhaps

history won’t repeat itself.

The characters are good too, that grows as you go on.

The art reminds me of Moonlight Sculptor and it’s refreshing.

3. I Woke Up As The Villain 

Yeol Soong is an ordinary office worker reincarnated as the web novel’s foolish side character of the same name.

Born into the wealthy, high-sung group, conglomerate, hailed by his family, and prone to violent

tantrums, the character is fated to be manipulated and killed.

To escape his doom, the new Yeol Soong finds a way to become one of the awakened, those

gifted with supernatural powers.

2. I Get Stronger The More I Eat 

The plot is nice, you can’t really predict what is going to happen next, but you know that it will be badass.

The art could sometimes be a little more flashier, but overall great to read.

Known as the Pet Shop, Mr. Kim has a unique ability to absorb the skills of the creatures

he eats.

One day, the Pet Shop is mysteriously transported to a magical world full of orcs, trolls, and monsters.

A new world, new chow, and new skills.

Now Pet Shop is determined to become the most powerful creature in the world.

Follow his epic climb to the top of the food chain.

1. The Live 

Half a year ago, Yoon Jae Kim lost his wife and daughter in a car accident and lives in despair day after day.

One evening, his diary completely erases itself leaving behind an ominous message, you can

see them again.

The Holy Grail is given to those who overcome the game of the world of the backside, and

it is said that if you use it, you can reunite with your lost family.

In a strange world where only the strongest survives, Yoon Jae becomes the only one who

knows the future.

Will he be able to fulfill his wishes though? Read it, it’s really good so far.The MC is wise and strong.