Top 10 Manhwa With Character Breaking His Power Limits

Character Breaking His Power Limits


With a long history, manga is an art form that has lasted for over 60 years.

With this being said, there are hundreds of stories, some very memorable but aren’t always

the best in terms of development and those with tons of nostalgia but not from the refined writing.

Thus, I have collected the top 10 Manhwa story arcs where a character breaks open new powers

and becomes stronger or overpowered. This is a list of 10 of the most memorable instances

where heroes in Manhwa fight to their limit, only to breaking through their power limits and

become stronger.

10. The Skeleton Soldier Failed

To Defend The Dungeon This is a great mystery Manhwa and I think it’s reaching its peak. Here, the MC is a skeleton with no name who returned to the past after he failed to protect his mistress in Dungeon.

Meet the Skeleton Soldier, a meager but fiercely loyal fighter who served to protect its master,

Lady Succubus. Its dream of a peaceful life with her is shattered when they’re both brutally

murdered by a group of warriors one day. But what would’ve been a pathetic end to a remarkable,

or I would say unremarkable, soul sparks a new beginning. When the Skeleton Soldier

opens its eyes again, it has traveled back in 20 years in time. I must warn Lady Succubus of

all the things to come.

9. Gangnam Dokkaebi

Someone has made a wish, or I should say, a wish list to kill all students. The Dokkaebs are man-eating creatures who are bound by a rule

that they cannot only do much, but they can only act to help people, are now allowed to hunt down

students. Students are going missing left and right and Kimok, a student who is also one of

the only 44 people in the world with the blood of gold, is now in a fight for his life against

these supernatural beings that vie for his blood to empower themselves by breaking th.

8. Evolution Frenzy 

After his death, Duan Fei regresses 20 years back in time to just a few key hours before the virus catastrophe is set to begin and was given

a chance to remedy the regret he has shouldered for the past 20 years. He utilizes all the

knowledge he has amassed prior to his regression to arm himself in preparation for the oncoming

apocalypse. His new acquired evolutionary tree is also helping him constantly improve his strength to break his power limits.

Duan Fei, who had to give it all just to barely survive in his previous life,

is now the hero and future savior of the world.

7. An Adventure in Paradise 

Will he succeed and reincarnate in this horrific survival game? Bet on your time and dice with death, here goes the adventure!

Can people rise from the death? Yang Ni ran into robbers on his way to the hospital and was killed

with hatred, then he woke up to find himself in the underworld. Knowing he had a chance to be reborn

In life, I guess real life, Yang began his thrilling adventures with friends. Overall,

It’s a pretty good story.

6. The Boy of Death

Nice art style and very nice concept. The reading’s not heavy. Lee Kyung-ho’s mind was

engulfed with ending his life due to bullying and the loss of his mother. He attempts to,

but it’s saved. His determination to commit suicide somehow entices Sierra, a grim reaper who

later offers him a contract. His contract blesses him with the ability to borrow powers of the dead

in their previous life in return of sacrificing years from his lifespan.

5. Hoarding in Hell 

Kang Hyun-mo is a dirt poor man whose dreams of becoming a hunter were torn apart. But one day while he was dreaming of getting rich quick,

something appeared in front of him. What? He’ll now be monopolizing items and skills of the future

earth? Overwhelmed with monsters? Seems to be another gate-awakener type.

Manga, I guess.

Has a lot of potential to be good where it’s headed. Hoarding in hell is great. Imagine greed

from overbeared. Was it a solo leveling type genre? Nothing much to say besides that, I suppose.

4. 3CM Hunter 

This manga is not average. It is way above average. The concept of the story is very interesting. When the story unfolds and you find out the truth of this manga and what this 3CM hunter the world is truly about.

Well, after getting his sister’s favorite snack, Baekhyun finds himself and the people around him

suddenly shrinking to the size of ants. Now everything from cats to robots, vacuums pose

a threat to human survival. Within this chaos, everyone is given a gift, a unique superpower,

an interface that lets them see data about themselves. Though it’s become a dark and

desperate world, Baekhyun must put his ability to test by breaking his power limits  and wits to the test to make it out alive and save

his sister.

3. Solo Max Level Doobie

The art is great. One of the better ones out there. Kang Junhyuk is a gaming streamer and content

creator. He’s the only person who has cleared the game. However, as the game’s popularity declines,

it becomes increasingly difficult for him to continue making a living as a content creator.

Junhyuk prepares to end his 11-year-old relationship with the game and say goodbye

to his humble group of subscribers. But on that very day, the Tower of Trials appears in reality

within the message saying that humanity will perish unless all players clear each floor within

90 days. Junhyuk, who knows the game better than anyone, decides to use his knowledge

to his advantage and dominate the tower by breaking his power limits. by showing everyone what a hardcore gamer can do.

2. Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Yeonwoo’s brother disappeared years ago and he’s devastated to learn about his death.

As he copes with his loss, he’s given a pocket watch and learns there’s more to his brother’s

death. He was betrayed and while competing in the Tower of the Sun God, now it’s Yeonwoo’s turn to

use the knowledge his brother left behind. But can he navigate the world and get enough power and

experience to reach the top of the tower? Defeating his brother’s enemies and all those

down in his way? The dope is back.

1. Solo Leveling

Nothing beats solo leveling in terms of weak to hero, weak to strong. Solo leveling is an

action fantasy manga that centers around the setting of a world slowly dominated by dungeons.

We start off our weak E-rank main character, Sung Jinwoo, who was mysteriously saved from a near

death experience. In one of his dungeon raids, he gets stronger, gains an army of his own,

and becomes ridiculously overpowered by breaking his power limits. E-class hunter Jinwoo Sung is the weakest of them all.

Looked down on by everyone, he has no money, no abilities to speak of,

and no other job prospects, so when his party finds a hidden dungeon, he’s determined to use

this chance to change his life for the better, but the opportunity he finds is a bit different

from what he had in mind. This is one of the best mangas I’ve ever read, man. You gotta check this