Monster Integration: What We Know So Far

Monster Integration characters

Monster integration has 3,180 chapters and a rating of 3.8 stars. 20.1 million views holds the spot of number 11 in the power ranking and averages 21 chapters a week on the light novel platform.

Yep, that wasn’t a mistake. 21 chapters of Monster Integration a week. So you can count on an average of three chapters a day. If only all authors adopted this publishing time.

The setting starts in a world where humans and monsters form a bond and can fight together. A world where both can develop skills and evolve together to become stronger. I know what you’re thinking. This isn’t like Pokemon.

I don’t want you guys to get the wrong idea about this. When a monster, the human form a bond that human gains the abilities of the monster and gives each other bonuses to one another.

The story revolves around our main character, Michael, who merges with a common silver sparrow that doesn’t have much development potential. The story starts out extremely slow, especially in the 150 chapters.

After that, it really starts picking up and the world and character really start progressing. I know 150 chapters are a lot to read, but bear with it because it’ll be worth it.

Even though he’s offered a monster with high potential due to his academic achievement. He chose one raised by his own family with less potential and weaker abilities as he didn’t want to join an organization.

He starts to cultivate the supreme combat exercise, strengthening his own body to overcome the lacking potential of his bonded monster, while enduring the pain that comes together with using this technique.

His monster gets stronger as he levels up the supreme combat exercise as they share a symbiotic relationship. He travels to the most dangerous city of the continent after graduation to quicken up his cultivation,

to achieve his goal, which is to participate in a tournament five years later. From that point on until the most recent chapters, he starts to regularly hunt monsters to increase his strength and accumulate wealth.

With some twists happening while hunting those monsters. The bonded monster of the MC, while weak, turns out to possess the ability to identify natural treasures while adventuring,

giving hope that those treasures could be used to power them up. There are a few points I’d like to critique with this novel. The grammar is kind of poor. I’m not a huge stickler for great grammar, but even I noticed.

But that doesn’t take away that. It’s a great novel, even though there’s a proof for either starting from Chapter 40, the quality of the story does not go up substantially.

The Monster Integration story line is nicely thought through, but the character growth in terms of power is lacking when it seems that the MC grew substantially,

all the other characters that he’s currently interacting with seem to have grown even more, resulting in a seemingly weak MC that is, depending on the protection of every other character.

This creates a dynamic that the MC doesn’t appear to become overly OP,

but still making leaps and bounds in development.

One last thing that really annoys me in this novel is that I have never had this many issues with the multiple power leveling system that the author has in this novel. There are so many different power systems in this novel.

It’s kind of insane. Even harder to keep up with as a reader in different parts of the story.

They use a different power leveling system,

which stops the reader to have a clear picture of strength throughout the novel