Blood Elf Monarch

blood elf monarch characters

So the web novel for this blog is Blood Elf Monarch by Avan. At the time of this recording, it has 431 chapters.

Average is 12 chapters per week, has a rating of 4.7 stars and about 3.2 million views on web novel. So as you can probably tell by the numbers, the novel is still in its infant phase.

But if this web novel wasn’t good and well-written, I wouldn’t even be talking about it.

I wouldn’t even be talking about it. This web novel had my potential gem detector going crazy.

So the story starts off with our main character, Tristan. He was born during modern day Earth. It has the typical main character tropes.

We’re used to seeing, like orphan, adopted and mistreated by his adopted caretakers. Tristan didn’t have any friends growing up, so he kept mostly to himself.

The only person he had was his adopted sister, Layla. His only light in the world who showed and taught him kindness.

One day their adopted father was drunk and he tried to hurt Layla.

Tristan snapped and accidentally killed him to protect Layla and burn the house down.

The adopted father’s friends pulled some strings and had Tristan tried as an adult and locked up in a high security prison.

Justice failed. Years passed by and Tristan is released from prison.

I don’t want to delve into too much detail and disrespect the great storytelling that Avan did, but what I can tell you is Tristan and Layla get summoned to another world, a goblin mad scientist summons Tristan, Layla and many other people from different worlds, not just Earth, to see if they have potential.

You’ll need to read this yourself to know more about that. So in the world they get summoned to elves and humans are fighting each other as enemies.

The elves created other species to help them defeat and attack the humans. ogre and goblins.

The setting of the new world takes place in a sci fi and magic world because the web novel does mention different planets.

So it seems like the elves and humans of this universe have access to interstellar travel.

But for the planet they’re currently on. It’s a mix of medieval times with some tech magic. It’s sort of a mix right now.

To my knowledge, there might be some different technological advances because the goblins are able to summon what the book calls outlander.

But let’s see how this unfolds. The light novel is pretty young, so I don’t want to speculate too much.

One thing I enjoyed about blood elf monarch is how the author tells a story. It really keeps me invested in the story I’m reading so far. The Web novel had a great start.

We explore the New World with the protagonist in a way that doesn’t take you away from the story.

I genuinely look forward to experiencing adventures with the main character.

Make sure you describe the world and character attributes. Thank you. Anyways, the dialog between characters, especially from Tristan and Lila, are very genuine and realistic.

This isn’t just dry dialog that doesn’t seem natural. It actually feels like these characters are genuinely having a conversation.

This is really important to point out. Not every author can pull this off and both characters feel real to me as the reader.

It’s an awesome, genuine experience that I hope the author keeps up throughout the life of this story.

The author, Avon, has published at least nine original works, so I personally feel that he has polished his skills in storytelling to deliver high quality stories in quantity.

Depending on how much time I have, I’ll definitely be adding some of his other novels to my to read list.

The novel does include a system, but so far the system doesn’t control the plot of the story or anything so far.

So that has something going for it. It isn’t overbearing or anything. Not much was explained about the system so far, aside from the main character thinking that the goblin scientist installed it in his head.

The main character of blood elf monarch, Tristan, is also a likable, main character.

He isn’t dumb. He is ruthless, but not excessively. But so far, he still does things to get the job done.

Quite recently, though, in the novel, the author has introduced 18 scenes. They aren’t excessive or too raunchy or anything. It’s well-balanced and introduces how unique, genuine and human this web novel is.

It also shows how genuine Tristan can be usually in web novels.

Also, this web novel was nominated for the web novel Spirit Awards Spring 2021.

So if you give this novel a read and you feel compelled to give it some power stones, do the author and this novel a favor?