Top 10 Manhwa With MC Having Hidden Power Ability

manhwa character with hidden abilities

Manhwa were the emcees hide their powers and are of course pretty OP.

These kind of mangas in anime are pretty famous and fans just love them.

What about Manhwa?

Mangas is an emerging market in the South East Asia region, in addition, webtoons are developing rapidly.

If you love to watch Manhwa and are always looking for something new, then read the top 10 list to find out the latest Manhwa on the market today with MC having hidden ability .

All you manga readers out there will surely enjoy them.

10.Your Abilities Are Mine

In this world of supernatural abilities, in order to save his beloved sister, Yang Shi

wows to become amazing and then make those who hurt her pay in blood.

Using his ability to snatch the powers of others, he groves from an ignorant combatant

to a leader of a cross-dimensional organization using both strength and strategy to defeat

the dark forces one by one, taking 999 powers into his pocket and becoming the king of supernatural

powers that everyone looks up to.

9. Level 1 Player

The cheat system that MC gets is too overpowered.

27-year-old Choi Hyun-sung is a construction worker who dreams of awakening his family

is poor with his sister and mother started working two jobs and his father is in the

hospital for monoreflex syndrome.

Sound familiar?

However, one day in this dormitory, a message pops up in front of him, you’ve awakened hidden ability.

First experiencing happiness, it soon turns to anger as he realizes his stats are weaker than most level 1 awakeners.

How the one upside is that it’s a unique skill.

What does it do?

He can purchase items in a virtual store that could improve his stats, as well as sell them


That would work as well.

8.SSS-Class Gacha Hunter 

Oh man, this is super good.

Too OP MC type Manhwa, the gacha system is also very unique.

On the worst day of my life, I received a miracle as a present from the real universe.

I poured all my wealth and awakened the hunters.

Communication, patience, and game talent without a single combat skill.

I want to stop living my life as a salesperson at hunter’s office.

If you sincerely wish for it, will it come true?

On the worst day of my life, I got the strongest skill from the universe.

The luck game that overturns the class begins, Triple S Class Hunter who became stronger

by drawing lots.

Classical weak to opmc Manhwa, a clear inheritance for the Triple S Class Suicidal Hunter.

But the gacha adds some fun to the pot and the MC is not dumb.

7. Hoarding in Hell

Kan Kion Mo is a sewage cleaner who belongs to the lowest domination, or should I say denomination of hunter.

A class that isn’t even considered a hero class.

He spends his days cleaning in a hazmat suit so he wouldn’t become infected by the mana that resides in the sewage.

However, after his father died, he received a dungeon return stone.

He suddenly finds himself in the future with the words, difficulty, hell, in front of him.

Slowly he sees the evolved monsters and dies over and over again but with the system assisting

him he survives each time.

But at this point he doesn’t know if this hidden ability will work in the present day.

The more he becomes comfortable in his future hell, the more abilities he receives as well

as more mana crystals which is a valuable commodity.

6. The Boy of Death

Nice art and very nice concept. The readings are not heavy, thus you cannot get at the 46th chapter in about 7 hours.

Lee Kyung Ho’s mind was engulfed with ending his life due to bullying and the loss of his mother he attempts to but is saved.

His determination to commit suicide somehow entices Sierra, a grim reaper who later offers him a contract.

The contract blesses him with the ability to borrow the powers of the dead in their previous life in return of sacrificing years from his lifespan.

5. Willing to Kill

There are two kinds of people with special abilities, villains who are driven by their

evil desires and psychers who pursue justice and work against villains.

Keseon Lee is a very powerful psycher with a good heart but one day when he visits his

friend in Greece things take a wrong turn.

Following an unexpected chain of events Keseon Lee ends up in the body of a Korean high school

boy who just happens to become a villain.

Will his sense of justice win in the end or will he end up becoming a cold blooded villain?

4. The Talent is Mine

I love the main character, he is ruthless, strong and smart.

Moreover, the art fits well with the story.

The story is nice and uses the term talent and place of ability.

I just love the kind of stories.

The young man Ye-Tian obtains the hidden ability to copy the talent of others and now fights against the heavens to change his fate.

He struggles to survive and protect his sister from the apocalypse of the alien beast invasion

in order to become stronger.

He begins to explore the unknown world and gradually reveals the secret behind the invasion

of the alien dimensions.

The characters are OP and the story is pretty nice, but a little too fast paced as well.

3. The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing

I really enjoy reading this one.

I like the part where he is reborn and gets reborn into this past self.

Yeah, that can be seen quite commonly in mangas but this time it happens in medieval worlds

and it is really interesting and I really like the story and the art but characters are a little bit off.

Eren’s steel guard’s fortune was basically set as he discovered a book that allowed him

to trade across dimensions until his enemies take both his life and his riches away.

But Eren is brought back as his younger self armed with his past knowledge and a chance at revenge.

Now free to amass coins, he’s gaining powerful abilities and moving up the ranks of the inter-dimensional trading marks.

Will Eren gain enough coins to survive this journey of vengeance and reclaim his honor?

It is pretty good.

BMC is smart and strong and the plot is both classic and original.

2. Return of the Frozen Player

An interesting way to tell a story about gates and levels and skills.

The main character is interesting and I appreciate the fact that he has a clear goal.

Five years after the world changed, the final boss appeared.

Final boss, if we can just defeat her, our lives will go back to normal.

The top 5 players of the world, including Spectre’s Seo Joon-Hoo, finally defeated

the Frost Queen.

But they fell into the deep slumber, 25 years later a second floor didn’t end when the

Frost Queen died, Spectre awakens from his slumber.

This manga could’ve went two ways, it could’ve been really bad or really good, and luckily

it went towards the good way.

1.I am the Sorcerer King

Sung-Goo Lee is nothing but a victim of a changing world, a powerless man in a land

infested with beasts and magic, monsters from another world invaded Earth and they brought with them a sickness that pushes Sung-Goo’s mother into an endless sleep.

To pay off her medical bills, he braved a dangerous jab as bait used by powerful super humans called Awakeners to hunt monsters.

But when he found himself at Death’s Door, the image of his past life flashes through his mind.

There he found his truth, he is the reincarnation of the Sorcerer King with hidden ability, mediocre in all aspects.

Good to pass the time.

The pacing is too fast and kinda removes any satisfaction or accomplishment.