Supremacy Games

supremacy games characters

Supremacy Games by MidGard. It currently has 1,288 chapters, a rating of 4.78 and has over 9 million views on web novel.

Supremacy Games has everything I personally like in a web novel. It has reincarnation, Evolution and Cultivation. love it Or hate it. But it has a system in the novel.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the story. The greatest entertainment platform in the universe was created specifically to entertain and ease the boredom of life all over the universe.

The platform is made out of multiple formats, each containing hundreds of deadly games that allow the use of special abilities that are awakened. They call this platform supremacy games.

In this platform, there exist universal virtual reality that is a 100% realism. And also no one needs to completely risk their own life while participating in the universal virtual reality, a.k.a. UVR and the Games.

Earth’s planet was discovered by an interstellar kingdom that has hundreds of solar systems in its control and based on the Supremacy Games Alliance Treaty,

they are able to join the alliance that gives the planet the right to compete in the Supremacy Games

and have some protection from the other interstellar entities and organizations.

Earth’s people will also receive a system called the Queen System to be able to access the Uvr.

This Queen system merges with their conscience and provides the user with a system everybody can use once they are provided with the device.

That’s one thing that I like about this novel is that there’s not one unique system that makes the most powerful in the novel and gives them o.p advantages

because everybody has the same advantage based on the system.

By the way, speaking of main character, our main character is Felix Maxwell, who is just an average Joe. And after joining a clan mission with many other clan mates, something unexpected happens after their spaceship radar picks up a large amount of energy coming from a destroyed planet.

This instance of curiosity and greed from them changed Felix’s fate forever.

Felix is consciousness is brought back into the past months before the Interstellar Kingdom finds Earth

and Earth is introduced to UVR and the Supremacy Games.

Felix has all the pass knowledge that he has from the future,

so we generally know is how things are going to play out.

And all something we have all seen before is the main character taking advantage of what he knows and starts making plans to streamline his development based off his knowledge.

He’s able to know how the world will react. He starts acquiring assets, knowledge and wealth during the time he has to before the interstellar kingdom arrives on earth.

The power system in this novel is quite unique. Emergency Sci-fi and Easter fantasy cultivation. Different species an alliance is cultivate and power systems are different than humans.

The alien power system hasn’t really been talked about much so far in the novel,

so I can only speak about the humans.

The way that humans cultivate and develop is from bloodlines that have elemental abilities.

Humans are given the opportunity to buy bloodlines so they can partake in the games and with their participation in the Planetary Games,

the planet is able to earn rank and be able to buy technologies to advance their species.

I’m not going to get too much into the nitty gritty of the power system,

but to put it simply, they are able to cultivate a certain bloodline.

Then they are able to rank up to another realm and are able to gain a new bloodline with totally new abilities.

But during the rank up,

they’re able to keep one ability from their past bloodline they just advanced from and it stays with them throughout their cultivation journey.

I would like to point out a couple of things that have stuck out to me from this novel.

I have to give the author MidGard some credit. The worldbuilding is pretty fleshed out so far. Usually other novels don’t even have an adequate amount of worldbuilding.

Explaining the couple of hundred chapters in Midgar did a great job immersing you in the world smoothly without the huge info dumps.

The worldbuilding is in the different league, as would an interesting premise and the beautiful skill and imagery the author was able to convey the world quite well.

Also, Midgar created a pretty good main character. He is in stupid, dense nor naive.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a web novel main character that is, for lack of a better word,

human authors tend to create a character that isn’t super realistic and just works hard and trains all day and doesn’t submit to his normal human desires.

Hats off to the author for creating an MC that has a great mix of hardworking, lazy,

a troll, and genuinely funny at times.

It’s a great mix that I don’t see enough of the other characters in the novel are quite solid. The author is able to balance the side character and main character story focus pretty well.

The web novel has great potential, but I do find myself wondering about what is happening, what needs to be done.

It’s not the main character or clear objective wondering about what is happening. Also, I’d like to see more skin in the game from the main character.

I get the broad, ambitious goals that he wants for his planet and his race,

but I personally feel that he needs something else that makes him want to achieve his goal,

whether it’s something he wants to protect or even something like gaining strength because of impending doom from an antagonist that’s created.

The author has done a great job writing a web novel based on science fiction and cultivation with incredible writing, quality, extensive planning, informative world building,

fleshed out characters, and a significant plot.