My Vampire System: What We Know So Far

my vampire system characters

so some of you might already know the gist of how I feel about this light novel(My Vampire System) being overhyped in the light novel platform. But over promoted or not, this light novel has good enough merits to be rated as the current number one original in the power rankings.

Congratulations JKSManga for this achievement. We know it’s not easy to create the great novel. The book has a 4.7 rating, 2,240 chapters, an average 19 chapters a week. The story takes place in the world where the human race is at war with an alien race called the donkey. Modern weapons have no effect on this race.

It’s a one sided war. But then humans have special abilities that have stayed hidden in the background of human history, suddenly appear to assist humanity. Some of these people with abilities choose to share their knowledge with the rest of the world to help them with their battle against the vicious donkey. Our protagonist of My Vampire System, Quinn, has lost his parents in the war, which leads to the government taking care of him for the majority of his life.

His only inheritance is an old book that can’t be open because of the ongoing war. The government requires teenagers to enroll in military training at 16 to fill their ranks one day before being admitted. The military training an accident occurs and he’s able to open the book doing so, granting Quinn the system that changed his destiny. The system Quinn is given is similar to those who have experience reading light novels with the familiar leveling up concept.

It includes stats, missions and A.I., a game leveling system. This isn’t anything new, but that isn’t what draws you in. It’s the storytelling and the character development. The author, Jkksmanga, did a great job writing the story and building a character I could get behind.

You’ll find the character making strides in his development at a good pace that doesn’t have him becoming too strong over a short amount of time. I should make you guys aware, though. The story does contain the typical tropes and plot armor, but not absurdly done as other light novels for the characters surrounding the MC. Even 500 chapters in I feel like they’re one dimensional or shallow, but there’s still some hints of depth in those characters.

And the author just has to flesh out the characters for more of an interesting and realistic character personality. The military school portion of the story makes sense, which I can appreciate, because they don’t just forget that they’re enrolled in school. They have classes and other school responsibilities. The background of the world has great potential. Not much is revealed yet, but there are portals to other worlds and different species and factions, which leaves much to be discovered and makes the setting more interesting as the story unfolds.

In the recent chapters in ARC, I feel where the story is going has great potential. To be honest, I felt that it fell off a bit and I slowly lost interest where the novel is headed. But the author quickly picked it back up by adding some aspects into the plot that sucks the reader’s back into the novel.