Chrysalis: What We Know So Far

chrysalis novel

Chrysalis by the author RinoZ. It currently has a rating of 4.79 stars, 43.3 million views and 1,007 chapters.

It averages 4 chapters a week. I really wish the author would pick up the pace when it comes to releasing chapters, but great work takes time and I can appreciate that.

I came upon this light novel because it’s currently one of the top five in the light novels. Power Rankings.

it’s an isekai type novels. I finally made my way to reading it and I definitely do not regret starting it. Typical isekai main character, Anthony dies and is reborn as an ant in a game like world called Pandora.

The reason him being reborn is an ant may have something to do with how he died and what he did before he dies.

But I don’t want to spoil anything about Chrysalis, so it’s better you go read for yourself. Overall, the story and plot is a really good. For once, an isekai character doesn’t become overly OP a short amount of time.

The author takes his time in developing the story and the main character. Other stories almost always show their world, MC grow quickly and become influential in their world.

However, I find that this is short sighted as it hampers world building and longevity as possible, enemies quickly become scarce. We as readers never get the time to show empathy to him being the little guy. The story doesn’t have that problem as the MC isn’t the strongest and doesn’t seem likely to become the strongest any time soon, allowing for plenty of interesting battles and controversy to come against our main character.

One thing I really like about this novel that really made it stand out to me is that the main character is not reborn into a human, but instead an ant monster. Also, the main character has no aspiration to evolve and develop to gain back a humanoid form. Anthony takes full pride in what he’s become in this world. Also, you can see how the main character’s perception of his reality is being warped because of him being an end, which the MC copes with it using Humour throughout the story.

His jokes are filling in the cracks of his sanity as the story goes along. It’s very entertaining to see how Anthony develops and the choices he chooses to become a strong monster in his system is similar to a game like leveling up system, and he has the ability to choose how he evolves, what species he evolves through, and what features he has.

Also, the author does a great job in adding comedy throughout the story that makes the reader chuckle out loud, which is saying something because usually when the author tries to be funny in the story, it often feels forced and overall not actually funny. The Chrysalis is a great novel. The binge read it truly sucks you in the story and is highly addictive.