Top 10 Manga You Must Read

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Over million of manga’s publish so far, there always been a race for top spot. so, here are the top 10 manga you must read.



The Edo period. Japan was a difficult era. Musashi Miyamoto, one of Japan’s most prolific samurai, is the subject of Vagabond. The series chronicles all of his most epic bouts in his quest to become history’s greatest swordsman.

The images are significantly more realistic than in other manga series, which works well in the flavour of its historical backdrop.

This series, which extends 37 volumes, may be a bit of a commitment.



Naruto. You’ll either love or despise us for including this on the list, that much is certain. But it’s likely that you’ve seen parts of Naruto and maybe even liked it.

In any case, it was a breath of new air when Konoha Favourite Knucklehead Ninja was first revealed to us.

Up announcing his intention to one day succeed the hokage He encounters conflict after conflict in his journey, but his resolve is unwavering.

Even if the manga undoubtedly has its sad times, we will always be moved by the wonderful points.

Dragon ball

Dragon ball

A young boy with a tail is on a journey to find all seven balls also know as Dragon Ball.

Although it’s likely that you’re already familiar with Akira Toriyama’s magnum opus, we feel compelled to suggest this to any franchise fans.

From its modest origins to the planetary-shattering fights. The entire Dragon Ball mythos is represented in this comic. The original is also quite simple to recommend to anyone who lacks the patience to wait for powerups that last a whole episode.

Death Note

Death Note

Life as a God of Death might become somewhat boring if everything goes exactly as planned.

As a result, it’s difficult to hold Ryo responsible for dumping his notebook into the human world given that it has the ability to kill anyone whose name is inscribed inside.

The perfect candidate just so happens to get their hands on it. Yagami becomes the God of the new universe by using his newly acquired powers to bring about his desires.

Expertly written by over two gumi and accompanied by the unparalleled artwork of Takeshi Obata. Death Note is the total package and has earned its place at top 10 manga you must read of all time. 


Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist manga
Fullmetal Alchemist

Think I have a good feeling about this one.

 in the rules of alchemy that in order to gain something, you must exchange something of equal value.

The Elric Bro’s learned this the hard way when they lose their bodies,

or at least parts of them, in an attempt to resurrect their mom.

Their tragedy only feeds their desire, and soon their research for the Philosopher’s Stone leads them into conspiracy, murder and homunculus.

You may be more familiar with the anime adaptations, but the original manga version is the definitive Fullmetal Alchemist experience.

Jojo’s Bizarre

Jojo's Bizarre manga
Jojo’s Bizarre

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Beginning with Fist of the North Star meets Wuthering Heights and taking it from there, this entry has spanned over eight bizarre installments.

Each follows one of the Joe Star descendants who seem to find themselves in the most peculiar of conflicts, including vampires and murderers with hand fetishes.

Jojo has proved to evolve itself throughout its installments, keeping the manga fresh and engaging how the series has reached top 10 manga position even its characters were even featured in the windows of Gucci stores.

Ohsumi Pun Pun

Ohsumi Pun Pun
Ohsumi Pun Pun

OHSUMI PUN PUN  has proven himself to be a manga in a field of his own, with works like Solon in and Girl on the Shore, but none stand out quite as much as Ohsumi pun,

pun telling the tale of the troubled youth who falls for the equally, if not more, disturbed.

Iko Eiko This manga series is one that will both comfort and make you feel very uncomfortable from time to time.

Despite its cutesy covers, OHSUMI PUN PUN is likely the darkest entry on this list and one that will profoundly affect you.

One piece

top 10 you must read manga one piece image rankone piece manga image
One Piece

When Monkey D luffy. He proclaimed that he would someday be the king of pirates. Back in 1997, we had no idea for what a wild and long ride we were in for.

that this will rank in top 10 manga you must read.

From secret fish man islands to kingdoms run by dastardly tyrants. It seems that wherever Luffy lays his straw hat, there is bound to be a brawl.

It really does beg the question where Ichiro ODA does get the strength to write a series that stands as the highest grossing manga series of all time.

And fortunately for us, it has no signs of letting up anytime soon.


berserk manga

Following the struggles of ex mercenary Gus after what can only be the most horrendous of anime backstories,

Berserk tackles the terrifying themes of love, loss and pure carnage.

Though the argument can be made that Berserk may never see its ending, and he seemingly endless hiatuses have damaged its reputation greatly.

There simply isn’t any other series that puts together the horror,

action and absolutely stunning visuals the way that Berserk does.

Not even the anime adaptations, though good, seem to capture its edge