System Type Light Novel For Beginner

system type light novel characters

A lot of Light novels have involved bloodlines, but not a lot of them do it well. Can you guess the light novel I’m talking about hint system type light novel.

The light novel will be reviewing and recommending has over 9.4 million views and a rating of 4.7. Number 20 in the original’s power ranking and over 1,213 chapters. The Light novel is called The Bloodline System by TimVic.

This light novel got my attention because I’m infatuated with the bloodline concepts in light novels, but it is rare that I feel that the author implements bloodline elements in a way that I enjoy. The best example I can think of on the top of my head is Jake from the Oracle paths By the way, for those who’ve already dropped the Oracle path because of the author’s hiatus, he has started releasing new chapters.

So go check those out. Anyway, I started reading this light novel because of the bloodline aspect, and I wanted to see if the author can add something unique into the story or not. Crazy, unique, but just done right. Also, with the system involved in the story, it can go either way. Here’s the synopsis of the story. Also, thanks to TimVic, the author, for doing a pretty good job with the synopsis.

I hate when the synopsis is so vague and does the information dumps inside of the story. I would rather the background in the synopsis because some authors don’t know how to intertwine background information into the story itself. The light novel setting is a future timeline of Earth. after losing their home planet species known as Slarkovs made there to earth.

The Earth was the next habitable planet for them. Humans and Slarkovs gods made a deal with each other in return for the Slarkovs living on earth. The Slarkovs trade their technology and knowledge for a new home. The Slarkovs are similar to humans, except for some of them who have slight differences. So fitting into society wasn’t a problem. Over the years, Slarkovs and humans began to mate with one another and reproduce offsprings.

This, in turn, created a new species known as the mixed blood. Centuries later, mixed bloods could tap into their bloodline and perform unimaginable feats and abilities. For our main character, Gustav. He was born into an age where bloodline determines everything. His bloodline only granted him the ability to change his hair color. Fate has granted him the opportunity of finding a system that gives him the power to unlock and upgrade his bloodlines by completing quests.

Like most power centered societies and light novels, the main character goes through a school that trains teenagers to help them harness their abilities. The school kind of reminds me of my vampire system and the great demon system. Anyway, he’s outcast in school and at home. His parents treat him like little trash, especially after his genius little brother was born.

His parents don’t even give him a bed to sleep in. He sleeps in a tub. The reason I’m telling you all of this info is because I want to get you to understand that he’s going to be one called protagonist hating his family, society and government for allowing such treatment to him and others like him that are considered trash because of their weak bloodline.

The power system in this light novel is nothing too unique that we haven’t seen before. there are tiers on how strength is calculated and sub tears that we’ve all probably read before. Only thing I don’t like from the power system is the naming. I get that you wanted to be unique with the naming for each tier, but like sometimes it’s not a bad idea to stick with what works.

I’m not sure if this is a gem yet or not. I’m fully caught up as of now, but it’s teetering between not a gem or is a gem for me personally.

The reason being is that it depends on where the story goes with the bloodline and the system. Is the system going to give him an infinite amount of bloodline abilities? Not literally infinite, but a lot of bloodlines that have him completely overpowering people in his society that only have one day or two.

If it goes in that direction, I hope the main character sticks to one aspect of a bloodline and cultivates that strength. It can mix with other bloodlines, but there needs to be a limit. Most times, overly op main characters don’t end up well, especially if the story has hundreds of chapters to go or even longer. I don’t want the MC to become Overpower and ruin the storytelling of this novel.

This novel really does have some potential. One thing I think the author did right is the world building and the potential world building we have in the future. The author has been foreshadowing since the beginning of the light novel that the main character will be traveling to other planets and exploring space because the Slarkovs crowds gave them knowledge and technology.

Humans have been conquering space for hundreds of years. As a reader, I’m looking forward to the exploration and the missions. He’ll be completing this plot line will definitely pull me closer into the story if done right, which I’m hoping it is. The author has been a pretty good storyteller so far. The novel has huge potential. The novel so far has set itself up for great storytelling, plot wise and world building.