Top 10 Manhwa Where MC Goes Back In Time

manhwa character where mc goes back in time

The world is rich in history. The trials and tribulations of humanity has shaped past and also the today’s civilization.

Unfortunately, nothing lasts for too long and we forget about our past. Manhwa have been booming for the last few years.

Never did we imagine we would get an anime style artwork, but with color.

There are many, and should I say some amazing Manhwa in webtoons these days, but today we are going to talk about Manhwa featured time travel.

We know that, of course we know that, that time traveling is getting popular day by day.

When it comes to webtoon, there are Manhwa of every genre.

But today we have brought 10 best Manhwa in webtoons where the MC goes back in time.


10. Murim RPG Simulation


A scout in the infamous demon cult, or should I say cult, Sulvi, is on a routine patrol when his squad unexpectedly encounters a fearsome master of the Mount Hua set, the sworn enemies of the demon cult.

Without warning, the Mount Hua cult master slaughters, and I mean slaughters, the entire squad.

Sulvi lies dying lamenting years of service to the cult with nothing to show for it, he is suddenly faced with a video game prompt asking if he would like to start again.

Given the opportunity to start over and make different choices, Sulvi wows to survive and become stronger so he can rise up to the top of the demon cult.


9.The story of a low-ranked soldier becoming a monarch


When I was 15 I lost my right hand on the battlefield, when I was 24 I mastered the skills that are necessary for my survival, but I was always told the same things over and over, just quit, just live like everybody else,

when I was 39 I lost my left hand and fell off a cliff, and when I swallowed the artifact that I had no knowledge about I was reborn as a 15 year old rookie from weather-worn mercenary Chris to young soldier Chris.

Probably a weak to strong manga where the MC retains his future knowledge after death.


8.Real Man


Well, Yoo Yeon becomes the youngest CEO of Hansung, a successful electronics company built on toxic world culture, but nobody he cares about is there to celebrate with him.

After a night of drinking and wondering if he could change the past, he wakes up the next morning 20 years younger at the beginning of his career, armed with the experience and insights that made him his CEO.

Yoo Yeon begins to visit, or should I say revisit, broken relationships and battle the enablers of Hansung’s cut-throat work environment.


7.The Skeleton Soldier failed to defend the dungeon


Pretty great actually, meet the Skeleton Soldier, a meager but fiercely loyal fighter who serves to protect his master, Lady Succubus.

Its dream of a peaceful life with her is shattered when they’re both brutally murdered by a group of warriors one day, but what would have been a pathetic end to an unremarkable soul sparks a new beginning.

When the Skeleton Soldier opens its eyes again, it has traveled back to 20 years in time.

I must warn Lady Succubus of all the things to come, but with no special combat skills and a history of failure and defeat, how can it stop the horrible events from unfolding again?

Let’s follow the Skeleton Soldier as it faces the most challenging quest of all.

Rewrite the history of the ending.


6. Kill the Hero


In a game like World War Dungeons, monsters and players appear in that world, only I knew the truth.

Let’s save the world together, let’s put an end to this game, the secret that the man who’s idolized as a messiah,

or should I say messiah, who will save the world is actually trying to rule it, as its emperor.




Honestly, it’s nothing bad, but the themes are such strong rip-offs of other mangas.

Having been summoned to the alternate game-like universe of the whole plane 10 years ago by mysterious angelic beings, Suhyeon has finally reached the apex of the world.

But at what cost? Using his privilege as the apex, Suhyeon invokes the power of Code Zero as MC goes back in time and rectify his past filled with tragedy.


4. The Return of the 8th Class Mage


The story was unique and fairly good to be honest, as a powerful 8th class mage, Ion Page took countless innocent lives under the odors of Emperor Ragnar, a close friend and ruler of the Green River Empire.

Yet despite their closeness, Ragnar views Ion as a threat and subsequently poisons him.

Using time magic, of course, MC goes back in time and save himself.


3.Doom Breaker


Hmmm, pretty great actually, I’m not gonna lie.

Zephyr is the last human fighting evil in a world abandoned by the gods.

When he is killed and battled by a Tartarus, the god of destruction, all hope for humanity seems lost.

But Zephyr’s fate is not sealed.

The gods who find his battles entertaining have gifted him a second chance at life as MC goes back in time,

back to when he was a slave instead of the most powerful human alive.

Can Zephyr get his revenge against Tartarus and save the woman he loves, or is he doomed to repeat the past?

I highly recommend it because it’s got great potential, great art style and just a great overall story.

It’s one of my personal favorites, it’s one of those stories that I can never ever get rid of.


2. The Lord of Coins


Pretty solid, Eren Stielgard’s fortune was basically set as he discovered a book that allowed him to trade across dimensions, until his enemies take both his life and his riches away.

But Eren is brought back as his younger self, armed with this past knowledge and a chance at revenge.

Now free to claim the amassed coins, he’s gaining powerful abilities and moving up the ranks to the inter-dimensional trading markets.

But will Eren gain enough coins to survive this journey of vengeance and reclaim his honor?

Well, you gotta read it to find out.

It’s a very interesting story, it’s one of those stories that don’t just always come 24-7,

it’s very very rare, extremely rare if I were to say it myself, with a great art style included of course.

This is the kind of story you wouldn’t want to miss, no matter what.

So yeah.

1. Level Up With The Gods


This is one of those favorite mangas that I’ve got, you know, Yhwan Kim,

a plucky high-ranking warrior after a bitter defeat, but Yhwan is too tenacious to give up.

His loss becomes the dawn of a new journey as a returnee with renewed determination.

Yhwan starts back from where he began,

smashing monster after monster and re-learning his skills before taking on the tower once again.

But can you fight his way through the tutorials and level up once more?

Or will his conquest crumble before him?

Well, you have to read it to find out honestly, I just can’t spoil it for you like that.

But you have to read this one for sure.

So there you have it folks, our top 10 Manhwa where the MC goes back in time.