The Mech Touch

the mech touch characters

the novel we are going to talk about in this blog is The Mech Touch it has 4,794 chapters, an average of 4.65 stars and 41 million views on web novel.

The story takes place in the distant future where humanity has taken our species to space and we have colonized and explored numerous space clusters and galaxies.

The current year that the story takes place in is called The Age of Mechs.

Humanity is obsessed with mech designs and the Engineering and designs behind them. Our protagonist, Ves, is a mech designer and starts designing very unique mechs after he receives his mech design system.

He has founded his mech design company and continues to build his company, his family and his own power with the power of his mech innovations.

One thing that this novel does different to a majority of other web novels is that it doesn’t center around a main character that gains power individually, like strength or cultivation or summoning, for lack of a better word.

It isn’t a Shonen Web novel. This novel is for people who appreciate design, engineering and theoretical sci-fi technology. This is the novel’s greatest strength.

We needed a novel that doesn’t just focus on the MC strength, but what is mine can create through his mechs. Also, the organizations influence and relationships he creates throughout his travels and adventures.

If you’re just starting this web novel and you hope for him to pilot a mech that he creates, then spoiler alert he doesn’t.

He’s strictly a designer and engineer. Though there are some instances where he goes through experiences that can help him simulate the experience of piloting a mech so that he can create better mechs. Just a quick reminder

One thing that resonates with me and maybe others is that he’s constantly trying to innovate his Mech through genuine experiments.

The system has little to no influence on how he acts and doesn’t push the plot. The system is used to start his growth and supplement his Mech designer path.

The MC knows not to become dependent on the system he’s provided and does his best not to.

Another thing that excites me about mech touch is that we are only 5000 or more chapters in, and the author has let us know that the story is only 50% complete at most, and also that he plans to write at least 10,000 chapters.

That has to be a world record of some kind. This sci fi novel has the potential to be the one piece of web novels in a way that it may never end.

If you’re considering reading this novel, I highly suggest that my readers start the story as soon as possible and catch up so it’ll be easier to keep up with the latest chapter releases.

It might be kind of grueling to start this story once this web novel chapter count reaches over 5000 chapters, so start as soon as possible. These current chapters are absolutely crazy,

I feel like the story is best enjoyed as a steady read. It has a quality that is top quality. I don’t think I have ever seen a grammatical error in this novel.

As for the story, it isn’t fast paced. It has a gradual development, in my opinion. We don’t see enough of these kinds of web novels.

The mech touch has constant development and constant adversaries to match up. The MC is nowhere near being overpowered, which is a good tell that this story is going to be here for a while.

I did note before that certain arcs felt slow at the time, but looking back, they’re very much necessary in how they contribute the world building and the overall plot.

There are some parts of the story that can be bent faster than others, though, especially when there are mech battles, starship battles, cosmic conflicts, or when our main character is innovating is max to be even more deadly.

I want to give a quick kudos to the Author Ex-lawyer for writing a web novel that has relaxed and smooth transitions with clear descriptions for the characters, mechs and building processes.

And the epic battle scenes of the novel are amazing to see for someone who is in the professional writer.

Furthermore, since this is a sci fi novel, there are many chapters consisting of information being told to us so that we can understand the sci fi technology and also flesh out many of the different sci-fi concepts.

But the author does a great job intertwining that into the story because you’ll need to understand it to fully enjoy the story.

I like to call these chapters the passive chapters, since the Method Universe is really big. There are many different worldviews and cultures that have spawned out of human exodus from a single planet species.

These many worldviews and cultures contribute to a fully immersive universe with unlimited potential in the different type of people, aliens and other entities you might find this in mech touch.