The Best Light Novel For Beginner

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we’re going to talk about this novel called Supreme Magus, by Legion 20.

why this is one of the best light novel for beginner.

I started reading this light novel a week and a half ago, and I’m already on Chapter 690.¬† At the time, it currently has 2,476 chapters.

The author constantly updates an average of 15 chapters per week. The reason I started reading this light novel is the quarantine has gotten to the point. Anime has not been cutting it for me as entertainment.

There’s not a lot of high quality new anime at the moment besides the Tower of God. which is based on the webtoon.

Also, there’s a lack of quality manhwa, and manhua .

Many of the new manhwa, and manhua was have no original ideas and it is either poorly written or the story is not that interesting to keep me reading.

This is my opinion.

before I start telling you the reason why this is the best light novel for beginner.

First, I’m going to give you a quick synopsis.

The main character, Derek McCoy, was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustices,

which includes being abused as a child and having to be a witness of Derek’s little brother, also being abused and his inability to protect him after being forced to settle with surviving rather than living,

he had finally found his purpose in the world until everything was taken from him.

After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnated into an alien soldier’s body.

The body that he inhabits was on an alien ship in an unknown place in the universe and again dies soon after.

So it seems each time he loses his life, he’s able to re-incarcerate to some other body anywhere in the universe.

In his next reincarnation, he finds himself in a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters.

This is his journey from grieving brother to the alien soldier, from infant to supreme Magnus.

Supreme Magnus is one of the best mage development fantasy stories that I encountered along my light novel Reading Journey.

Supreme magnus¬† has three chapters of Prolog, which talks about Derek’s life before being reincarnated and what leads up to him dying in the first place.

In most stories, the author does not take their time to get the audience introduced to the main character and relate with the character and build strong connections.

In the beginning, it starts out quite sad and makes the reader really empathize with Derek’s life.

The Author Legion20 did a great job giving more context on who Derek is and not just diving in the reincarnation in the first chapter or even first three paragraphs of the story.

When the authors does that, the audience knows that the author is rushing the story and that author does not have a well-thought out storyline. This lets the reader get to know the character and be invested in the story.

Also, the author’s grammar is pretty good comparing to most light novels out there.

I’m not sure if he has an editor, but so far there have been very rare cases of grammatical errors, which makes for an easier read and the best light novel for beginner.

Other stories with bad grammar usually take the reader out of the immersion of the story,

especially if he has to reread sentences to try to understand what the author’s trying to convey in his story.

The author does a great job of worldbuilding and all these chapters.

It doesn’t contain an ounce of filler chapters. Each chapter has a purpose to get you further invested in the main character’s story.

There are many arcs in the story,

but none of them seem either rushed or having the main character being overpowered or one shot killed type of thing.

And storylines each connect with each other.

And you can tell they’re carefully thought out because how they correlate to his development as a character and his journey to protect everything that’s important,

to him, which leads to him attaining enough power to be called a supreme Magnus.