Top 10 Murim World Manhwa

Murim world manhwa characters

The action genre is one of the most popular of all genres in manga. Like many other genres, there are those that rise to the top and those that become obscure facts to a lot of readers.

In this list, we look at the 10 Manhwa set in the murim world where the MCs become over power

We’ve also provided descriptions for each of any recent or newbies who want to get started reading.

There are so many stories of a young boy or a girl becoming a protege in the murim world.

10. Supreme Exorcist

Protagonist by his youth, transmigrates into a world full of humans, demons, monsters and

gods, where he discovers that he can utilize an accessorized system to raise his body’s


He explores various forms of martial arts and techniques, masters cultivations, theories

and acquires experience, invents his own techniques, embarks on the path of slaying demons, exterminating

ghosts and fighting bandits.

And of course, he becomes the strongest of them all.

The system in which the story is built around is very well made.

9. Legend of Mir Gold-Armored Sword Dragon

The boss monster of Demon Palace’s seventh floor and the guardian of the abyss become

self-aware and awakens in a game murim world.

Gold-Armored Sword Dragon is a giant dragon covered in golden scales, but he takes on

a human form, damn.

Once he withstands a set number of attacks, he’s a rare character in the game.

New Legend of Mir’s supposedly authentic martial arts game.

Dorothy, the girl who called him Gyum Ryong, Jiok Chanbun, the attack force’s leader

and commander of the Red Blood Group and of course, Capito, who goes by the nickname Dumpling

Head Girl.

8.Reverse Villain 

Jung Woo is stuck in a reincarnation cycleStill along with his nemesis, Shin Ryong, ever since he was little, he had a dream.

He wanted to become strong enough to conquer Murim world.

However, things did not always go the way he planned.

Shin Ryong defeated him on every occasion, and at this point, Ha Jung Woo had been reincarnated

five times and was defeated yet again.

When he was reincarnated, well, for the sixth time of course, he is born into the modern


Being born into the new world changes Jung Woo’s goal, as there is no Murim in the

modern world.

7.Mookhyang: The Origin

We meet Mu Kiang in Murim world, or the world of martial arts, as a young member of the demonic sect.

After years of rigorous training, he rises through the ranks and joins an elite squad

of first-rate assassins.

Despite his impressive achievements, however, he finds himself hungry for more.

His obsession for martial arts ultimately leads him down a different path, one that

few have ever dared to take.

He spends decades learning the way of the sword and cultivating his inner IQ, or should

I say the inner chi or mana, in hopes of one day reaching a state no warrior of the demonic

sect has ever reached before, the state of Demon Transcender.

6. Murim login

An era where hunters thrive on hunting monsters

that come from gates, Jin Tae Kyung is a low-rank hunter who picks up a VR machine and accidentally

logs into the gate, which is set in the world of martial arts.

After many ups and downs, Tae Kyung is able to escape this world, the strength and skills

which he received in the Murim were able to be carried over back to the real world.

This allows him to continue making a living as a hunter, but he decides to return back

to the world of Murim, out of care for his NPC friends.

5. The Heavenly Demon Destroys the Lich King’s Murim

This manga is amazing, it reminds me of Chronicles of Heavenly Demon, yup it does, it just gives

me that kind of vibe.

Anyways, the manga is very entertaining, an unknown voice disturbed me while I was levitating

during my cultivation to reach a transcendent demonic state, my concentration had been broken

and I fell into a conscious overloaded state, where I woke up a month later.

The Link King had already taken control of the murim world, after the battle that ended with

the destruction of the Heavenly Demon Cult, I awoke 140 years later in a Murim where

magic and martial arts coexisted.

That’s all for now because I don’t want to spoil the rest.

4. The Previous Life Murim Ranker 

This is pretty good, the MC is strong and without being overpowered, read it, the strongest guild, Griffin, SSS Ranker, Gangtai Ha, challenges

but he meets his death after a fierce battle, however, I am this big, I open my eyes and

it’s Murim world, I am Yu Shin Un, the Rufian of Baek Un clan, a chaotic situation with no

time to rest.

In the midst of incoming death, you guys have no idea who I am, huh?

Necromancy from former life.

3. Infinite Leveling Murim 

I really enjoyed reading this one, it’s one of the best stories and characters I’ve ever seen, killed on a battlefield without glory to his name.

You assume Dan receives an opportunity to grow stronger with his strange quest and level

system, but each quest he’s forced to fight only seems to be getting harder and harder.

Can he level up enough to avoid the same miserable ending and become the powerful hero he wishes

to be?

The art is okay, and the best strong point of Manwha’s, some people might actually

like to read it as a T-Tai Manwha due to its art.

2. Return of the Mount Hua sect 

When Chong Myung of the Mount Hua sect awakens a hundred years in the future, his last memories are of a bloody battle against the leader of the demonic cult, the evil Chuan Ma.

The battle almost saw the end of the ten great sects of ancient China.

That is when Chong Myung and the hard-fought struggle by striking down Chuan Ma, of course,

soon after he succumbed to his murim world.

That was sad, but filled with regret at their horrific victory.

All is not lost though, however, as he awakens to his second chance at life, shocked to his

Beloved Mount Hua sect reduced a mere shadow of itself, in the present day of course.

1. The Return of the Crazy Demon 

So far, this manga is fantastic. The story starts off a bit chaotic, but in a good kind of way.

Mad demon Jiaha Li dreams of becoming the god of martial arts.

Unfortunately, his dreams are dashed after he falls off a cliff while running from the

demonic cult for stealing the Jade of Heaven.

Yeah, this is not the end of Jiaha.

He awakens from the fall to find himself back in his twenties.

With his knowledge of the future and the martial arts, he now has a chance at revenge and at getting life right at this time.

Will he be able to fulfill his dreams this time around or is he doomed to face the same fate yet again?