A Beginner’s Guide To Light Novels

Light Novels guide for beginners

Now, first of all, let’s cover the definition. What exactly are light novels?

The easiest way to define a light novels is like the halfway point between a manga and an actual novel.

comparison to traditional Japanese novels,

light novels are a little bit more manga centered and are targeted more at the same audience

who appreciates various types of manga than just straight novels.

It’s as if someone took a manga and novelized it.

But if you do enjoy the kind of manga esque style or the anime esque style and stories,

then light novels are really for you

Jonah specifically

What’s the first light novel series I should read?

The answer is obviously going to change Depending on what kind of genres and what kind of stories you enjoy 

So, lets start with Boogie pop Phantom. The Japanese title is Boogie Pop, What I Like. This also got an anime adaptation, which, by the way, is brilliant.

Now boogie pop fans and doesn’t fall into the six genres of typical light novels that I’ve previously mentioned, in fact.

people fandom has a much darker tone than some of the more modern light novels out there.

This light novel series was made almost a decade ago and

Many people still consider it to be one of the greatest light novel series ever written.

Now the genres of Boogie for Phantom include mystery, horror, sci-fi, and it’s kind of like a series like drama and movies like Pulp Fiction,

where it’s the same story, but it’s told from multiple perspectives,

which seem all separate at first, but then kind of all looped back together into this one connecting story.

But if you one of those people who enjoy just just straight up school life stuff with a little bit of sci-fi And

for those kinds of people, I would suggest The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Now, while Boogie, Pop, Phantom is known critically to be the best light novel series ever made

commercially speaking, it’s Haruhi Suzumiya.

Now, some of you guys might have watched the anime and not been a huge fan of it.

that is because the way that the original The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series is written is very specific to light novels.

Which Light Novel Is Worth Giving A Try


like a lot of manga series out there,

there are a lot of light novel series out there that haven’t been adapted into anything.

Speaking of brilliant stories and writing, you probably saw this coming. the Monogatari series

probably the best novel series I have just read in general. Nico, Étienne, who, if You Don’t Know, also wrote the original story to manga such as Miracle Box. 

Light Novel series that have also been turned into an anime such as Cut. And I got all of these by the way, are brilliant, but the Monogatari series is really stands out.

Initially Shin’s works and the anime adaptation is one of the best anime adaptations of a light novel series

She has a very distinct writing style that I haven’t really seen any other novelist kind of cover.

Now, just quickly, I’ll name off a few more light novel series that I think you should definitely check out. 

As of right now, one of the most critically and commercially successful light novels series is my teen romantic comedy snafu he author,

I think is one of the smartest authors I’ve ever read and this guy’s works is absolutely brilliant.

The anime adaptation for both series is also brilliant,

but you need to check out the original Light Novel series if you enjoyed the anime.

Now these are just some light novel series that I recommend to you guys, but again,

there are heaps of light novel series out there that I definitely recommend.

But if I recommended all of the light novel series that I want you guys to read will be here for like an hour now. The next question you might be asking yourself is,

Where you can get your light novels?

Most of the light novel you can read on website like light novel and for more update you Bookmark to our website Asura novel 

If not, I advise visiting perhaps Amazon or eBay because I’m rather certain that some individuals will be selling them there.

Please note that I’m not 100% certain that all of the series I listed in today’s blog have been translated into English.