Top 10 Manhwa With Overpower MC In Magic School

character in magic school or academy

I know that the title of this collection is Top 10 Manhwa was where the MC is overpowered and goes to a magic school or academy

But I couldn’t exclude this one. The main character of this is a strong boy who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal

Which is to become the best mage in the world

He enrolls in a school for mages where he quickly rises to become the strongest student there

Over the years we have made a list of mangas where our favorite main characters are overpowered and goes to a magic school or academy

So let’s take a look at the top 10 then shall we?

10. School Flower 

Master School flowers and sisters beautiful and powerful sisters pure beauty teachers all charge their embraces

Ordinary high school students by chance get a magic pen and life has changed since then the variety is colorful

Overall, it’s an interesting manhwa if you’re looking for some magic school kind of thing

9. Ultimate Soldier

Nowadays that bird star is under permanent siege only those who have a powerful guardian spirit a war spirit

And change their fate and stand against 10,000 people

Juvenile roges father had the strongest fighting spirit

But he betrayed the country causing roads and his mother to be bullied and to lose their place

In order to clean up humiliation and change destiny of his family the teenager broke into the world’s most

Fiercest of serious world Magic School and strive against a plinth with powerful fighting spirits

8. Battle Friendly 

a sky with two moons a soul world of endless possibilities

lonely darkness and a strange and mysterious

Cloud a federation of a hundred cities three great empires a world where monsters run rampant

This is an age where heroes are born where humanity strives to retake the earth

And at the epicenter of it all a special second-year student

Langzong who uses the power of the playful roulette to shake the whole world

You hear that ladies your senior is here. I’m totally enjoying the story and the way it’s handled

7. Magician From The Future 

the technology of another world and a human martial art cultivator Clash with each other the most powerful fighter lost horribly in the other world and returned to the time when he was a high school boy This year time being decided he’s rise to power and defend this world

While taking the goddess of his previous life a judius girl the sexy teacher

Long-legged lady and the princes of another country in perfect hair and that he would also beat up those who went against him while helping those

supporting him to prosper

Regardless of wherever they are

They could be from 30 martial families or could be anything even the religious prowess or the powerful reclusive cultivators

6. Ascension To Godhood 

by slain demons After being abducted into the spirit world a young boy awakens his power of divinity by accessing Nirvana

Together with his younger twin sister they explore this mysterious world study Taoism

Get stronger, assist gods, make friends, solve mysteries and become the number one demon slayer

God yes number one demon slayers

5. Hero I Quit 

a long time ago This manga is amazing unless you don’t have anything to read, but don’t read it

It’s just an average funny man was you’re almost mankind’s first real superhero

Under his watch countless other superheroes appeared and followed his footsteps

However after five years of war the hero disappeared without a trace

This is like a mix of Konosuba’s god blessings on this world

You know wonderful world kind of thing and one punch man and it mixes its comedy and action so well

So my recommendations is if you like one punch man and Konosuba and just jump right on it

4. Infinite Apostles And 12 War Girls

This is pretty good the MC is strong without being overpowered

Read it. He is recognized as the strongest existence standing at the top of the world

Wealth, fame, power? It was not even worth mentioning in his eyes

Strongest Apostles fled and startled the human continent for the same reason

You’ll get me wrong, Lao-Z came to look for his future wife

3. Where To Tell Mage

I really enjoyed reading this one

It’s one of the best stories that the characters have ever seen

Our hero, Moe-Flan inherits a magical necklace

The next day he wakes up to find that the world has changed

His high school now teaches him the art of fighting

He is a hero who is very good at fighting

and students are encouraged to try and become accomplished magicians.

A world that ran on science now runs on magic, however, some things are still the same.

It still has the teacher who sees him as a hopeless student, classmates who look the same,

a father who struggles to make ends meet, and a not-by-blood little sister who can’t walk on her own, of course.

2. Black Haze

In a world full of magicians and demons, we meet Root, a small blonde 15-year-old whose class is filled with mysteries.

But what nobody knows except his boss and the boss’s secretary is that as he maniacally activates his magical powers,

he transforms into one of the most powerful and… powerful and just… famous magicians of the country.

Blow, or otherwise known as the Black Magician.

Gifted with these powers at his young age, he is part of one of the most…

Why do I say this? Yeah, he’s one of the most famous magician gills.

Unfortunately, Blow seems to… receive the weirdest jobs of the gill.

From getting an autograph, finding a lost puppy, to delivering love letters, nothing is crazy enough.

And now his latest mission is to make friends with a noble child named Ladywices.

On the prestigious magician’s school, of course.

Overall, it’s a pretty good mix of comedy and action, to be honest.

1. The Beginning After the End

This manga is one of my favorites in the rebirth genre.

King Grey is reborn into the body of an infant, you know, new world and given the name of art.

Faye’s been able to use their knowledge and about ki from their previous world to understand mana in the world.

And Faye’s able to use their combat experience from their past life to eventually excel in martial arts.

As it’s common in this genre, art is seen as purge with never before seen talent and early growth.

People marvel at him.

Like, I mean, I recommend this for someone good looking, I guess.

Like the other mangas. It’s a pretty good one, to be honest.

I recommend it. It’s on number one for a reason, guys.

You guys, you just gotta check this one out, to be honest.

It’s pretty decent. It’s an asakai manga, so yeah.