Seven Light Novel You Must Read

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Before we start this list, I want to say that this is my opinion and not an absolute truth. If you disagree with my list, please tell me your top seven list. I would love to see what you guys are reading. Let’s get started list of light novel you must read.

The Oracle Paths

the Oracle Paths by Arkansas Life. This book is Arkansas Lies, his first original work, but he’s doing a great job at his first novel. Hats off to Arkinslize.

It currently has 943 chapters, and the author averages about seven chapters a week, which isn’t bad at all. Its rating is 4.8 out of five stars and has 4 million views. This book is about Jake Wilder.

I think he’s in his early to mid twenties. He’s a highly unmotivated and unambitious individual. This takes place in the future where technology is advanced, but because of disasters that happen at the beginning of the book, Earth is on a downward trend.

The chaos. Suddenly, one day, a mysterious silver spaceship appears from nowhere, delivering to each earthling, a bracelet containing an A.I., introducing itself as the Oracle, changing human life forever.

The Oracle device has three main functions guidance, which coaches the user by providing rewards, drawbacks and risks associated with a certain task. Second, able to give predictions and steps to achieve an outcome.

And lastly, Shadow Guide. Shadow Guide displays a self double showing what you have to do to achieve something. This may sound like a total hack to have in life, but remember, since everybody has the same thing, it can only be used as a tool. They still have to make their own decisions and decide on what path they want to take.

Jake does his best to try and survive in this new world where Earth is opened up to a whole new universe of potential threats and enemies, but also opens up growth as a species with great growth comes a great risk that humankind has to take to survive. You’ll see, Jake, fight to survive achieved some gains and some loss in his development.

World Domination System

World Domination System by KillerHemboy. ended with 1,169 chapters, and the novel finished up near the end of 2020.

It was so sad to see this gem end. The only good news is that the author has a sequel. He’s currently working on called Rise of the God King. Go check it out if you like. World Domination System. World Domination System has the following tags. System. Reincarnation, cultivation, Adventure and Action. Tags display what type of story elements the novel has.

So if you’re interested in any of these tags, I highly recommend this light novel you must read. The light novel starts out with a college student who is an orphan who is struggling for cash. He chose to take part in an experiment that was advertised as safe and a good way to make some money. As soon as he was strapped to a chair and had electrodes placed on his head.

He fell asleep but woke up to a robotic voice in his head. The voice stated World domination system booting up main goal dominate and conquer the world. Daniel’s adventure starts with a new life in an unknown world. This light novel in which the main character strives for world domination is a very fun read. The author has a creative take on cultivation in magic systems, which entices the readers to read more and more.

The main characters growth is slow and progresses nicely, with no sudden boost in power because of the plot. One thing I got to say about this novel where other novels don’t do as well is that the power leveling system? It’s not confusing to the reader to understand what’s going on and who’s more powerful compared to another character. Also, the way he explains the leveling system throughout the story, you can tell it was very thought out.

Some authors start to add confusing power levels as the story goes along, or even multiple power leveling systems, which creates chaos in the story and in the reader’s mind. The world is also very well designed with complex political situations and great complex battles. The story is consistent and makes sense. The constant foreshadowing used makes the reader more absorbed in the story.

Overall, the book has an overwhelming sense of uniqueness, which is great to have in the sea of light novels out there. 

Supreme Mage

Supreme Magus by Legion20. At the time , it currently has 2,478 chapters, 75 million views, a 4.8 star rating averages 15 new chapters a week, and currently holds the number four spot on the power ranking.

The main character, Derek McCoy, was a man who spent his entire life facing adversity and injustice, which includes being abused as a child and having to be a witness to Derek’s little brother, also being abused and his inability to protect him after being forced to settle with surviving rather than living, he had finally found his place in the world until everything was taken from him.

After losing his life to avenge his murdered brother, he reincarnate into an alien soldier’s body somewhere else in the universe. And again die soon after. So it seems each time he loses his life, he’s able to reincarnate to some other body anywhere in the universe. He finds himself in a world worth living in, a world filled with magic and monsters.

This is his journey from grieving brother to the alien soldier from infant the Supreme Magus. Supreme Magus is one of the best major development fantasy stories that I encountered along my light novel reading Journey. Supreme Magus has three chapters A Prolog, which talks about Derek’s life before being reincarnated and what leads up to him being reincarnated. In most stories, the author doesn’t take their time to get the audience introduced to the main character and relate with the character and build strong connections or empathy with the character.

In the beginning, it starts out quite sad and makes the reader really empathize with Derek’s life. The author Legion Tow did a great job giving more context on who Derek is and not just diving into reincarnation in the first chapter or first three paragraphs of the story. When authors do that, the audience knows that the author is rushing the story and that the author doesn’t have a well thought out storyline, which doesn’t let the reader get to know the character and be invested in the story.

Also, another thing the author’s grammar is pretty good, comparing it to other light novels out there. I’m not sure if he has an editor, but so far there have been very rare cases of grammatical errors, which definitely makes for an easier read.

The Mech Touch

The Mech Touch by Exlor. This book is one of the best original novels from the author I’ve ever read.

It currently has over 4,786 chapters at the time it has over 2500 plus reviews. It has no signs of slowing down any time soon, and the story just keeps going and going. The story so far is 4786 chapters in, and it still just feels like the main character is just starting his adventure, which is great. I definitely have very high expectations on where this series is going to go in the long run.

This book is under the sci fi and adventure category and currently has over 41 million views on light novel. It has a rating of 4.6 out of five. Average is 22 new chapters a week and holds the spot of number 7 in the power ranking. I’ll give you a quick summary of the Mech touch, at least as much as I can without spoiling anything for you guys.

Because I really want you guys to go ahead and read it as soon as you get a chance. The story takes place in a distant future where humanity has made its way through space, conquering half the galaxy, taking planets and stars sectors over from alien races, through humanity’s technological advancements, they’re able to establish control over half the galaxy.

 it’s at an age where human civilization revolves around mechs after the conquest of the galaxy. The story starts out with their main character, vessel Markinson vessel lack the aptitude to interface with the mech.

So he’s decided to become a mac engineer, which is basically an engineer who designs and builds mechs for a living. Instead of expressing his love for mechs by piloting one themselves, it’s a cat pilot one he expresses it by building them instead. After Ves graduates from college, he returns to a newfound mech workshop that his father built with a mountain of debt under their name.

But vessels father suddenly goes missing, leaving him with the bank,

asking for their money as Ves get desperate for money.

He stumbles on something that will bring hope to his despair, a legacy his father left him,

which changes his fate forever. The legacy is a system if you have a guest already,

but it’s not your usual plot device used in other novels where the main character becomes OP and constantly used as the only way the main character advances.

There are arcs in the story where the system isn’t even used. The author Exlor, doesn’t use the system as a crutch to move the plot along. Nor does the main character get heavily dependent on the system which Olympia’s character development later throughout the story.

I stayed up way too late binge reading this novel, but it was worth it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost spent an all nighter staying and reading this book. This book is addicting. I swear. Once you start, you can’t look away. So make sure before you start, you get everything scored the way in your life before you start reading.

This book will consume you. It’s that good.

I Am The God of Games

I Am the God of Games by Green Pepper. But don’t worry, it currently has a 4.7 star rating and has 2 million views.

It has 404 chapters , and it looks like the author is taking a break. He stopped updating chapters hopefully continues this novel because it’s a very unique gem that needs to be finished. So if you read it and enjoy it, please go support the author’s novel to motivate the author to continue working on this novel.

The story starts off with a modern human being trying to migrated. Usually, characters are trying to migrate it to a human or beast or even demon. This is the first novel I’ve come across that has someone trying to migrate into a god. It’s a greatly unique concept in the light novel world. We’ve had VR, MMO, game, worlds, NPCs in a game world with the player, but this is the first main character that’s a God that creates a player and a game leveling system.

Hats off to the author for giving us a genuinely creative concept. As the title states, he’s become the God of games. The story starts off with him being a third rate dying God with almost zero believers. His existence was highly unstable. Our main character must start gaining believers and followers for him to become a stronger influence in the world.

There are many gods in this world and gaining followers,

so it won’t be easy as there are much more powerful gods in existence in this world that he must compete with to gain any believers and power. The MSI has to gather divine power, which he does by granting people systems like in video games and when they kill monsters, people or anything.

Really, the god of games gets 70% of the power of the kill because the killed get essentially sacrificed to him. The player gets 30% in the form of XP, giving the player skills, different classes and game updates. The main character basically has the potential to turn this world into a game system world, which is mind blowing to think about.

I wonder if he’ll become a God that creates the world that other light novel characters keep getting. Trance migrated to. It’s very fun to think about. This is a great story of a divine existence gaining power and also a story of his believers. The story doesn’t just focus on the God of games, but it also follows the story of his followers that continue to grow in faith of their God.

Birth Of The Demonic Sword

The Birth of the Demonic Sword by Eveofchaos. 2,364 chapters, 46 million views, a rating of 4.7 stars currently holds the spot of number seven of the power rating and an average of 21 new chapters per week. This light novel genre falls into a well written Eastern fantasy.

Birth of the Demonic Sword has the tags. Magic, reincarnation, cultivation. Monsters, World Travel Adventure. Magical Beasts, Ruthless M.C. Cold Protagonist and Evil M.C.. As you can probably tell by the tags already. This main character isn’t a quote unquote good person. So if you don’t like your main characters being overwhelmingly ruthless. This light novel isn’t for you. This main character is one of the most vicious emcees I’ve come across in my journey of reading light novels.

This is the story of a concubine, son of a wealthy family. The M.C. from Earth’s consciousness was transferred to the babies mind of the new world. The main character had no purpose in his previous life. His previous life resulted in him having no purpose and control. He makes power his reason to keep on living. Noah Belvin will have to fight against his social status and the many difficulties of the new world.

His purpose is to obtain the power to stand free in the sky above anyone and everyone. The main character is locked in on that mindset. Noah Belvin is ruthless and he doesn’t care what’s moral and what isn’t. He is quite straightforward, realistic and honest with himself. I wouldn’t say he’s a villain, but I would definitely not call him a good guy either.

It’s more like he does what needs to be done to survive while getting stronger. The author did a great job creating characters that are multi-dimensional and a big world where the audience learns about the world with the main character without being overwhelmed with too much information.

Also, the author uniquely mixes magic and martial arts to display how the main character gains power and skills throughout the story.

The Legendary Mechanic

The light novel is called The Legendary Mechanic by Ship Asia. this novel has 1,463 chapters, a rating of 4.5, a ranking of number 15 in the power ranking with 49 million views and averages 11 chapters per week.

I can’t be mad at the average update. It’s not too bad. I want to start by saying this novel is the cream of the crop for light novels. Before I go into too much detail,

I’ll give you a brief summary and the tropes to expect in this one novel.

The main character trends migrate into a role playing video game where the main character knows what will happen in the future because he remembers major events happening in each version of the game.

The twist is the main character trends migrates as an NPC that can also level up and learn skills like a player.

With this future knowledge, he’s able to take advantage of the world players and NPCs because of what he knows to become a truly formidable character.

You may even though this that the main character starts developing somewhat of a god complex, but what can we expect in a person who knows the future in a game that he’s played in love?

The character design indicates the author took care and attention in crafting the main character. The character is definitely multi-dimensional and there are indications that other characters are the same except for the player characters in the story. There. So far in the story kind of irrelevant because of their low strength, but I’m expecting that once they level up some more, they’ll hold more importance to the story.

The game his strengths migrated to doesn’t just encompass a world, but multiple galaxies. This means the worldbuilding this novel has is simply astronomically great and filled with endless potential to be even greater. By far, the strongest point of legendary mechanic is with its worldbuilding. It has a lot of interesting factions and abilities that complement the plot, and most of the events and factions seem to be thought through ahead of time by the author instead of making stuff up as we go along.

There is some humor in there, too. It managed to make me chuckle a couple of times, which is huge because it’s a big feat for an author to be able to articulate humor in the light novel and to have me as a reader actually laugh. This novel is simply amazing. The light novel is an attention grabber with all its twists and turns.