How To Write A Light Novel In English

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Novels are a form of short novel that are very popular in Japan. Usually they not only contain lots of words, but anime pictures as well. In this article I am going to tell how you can Write your very own light novel as well.

Now, if you’re a native English speaker and you’re not natively from Japan,

then you may think it is harder to create a light novel. And it is. However, there is something that’s called “OELN” stands for original English novel. Love novels tend to be in series, but you can also create a one sort Latin novel Light Novel.

Also, usually come with either black and white illustrations or

color illustrations to go along with some of the words in the book.

It’s usually about three or four colored illustrations, but it really depends on each individual novel.

Technical Details To Write A Light Novel

the average length of a light novel is about 50,000 words. They’re usually published in a bunker double in size, which is about a size 10.5 centimeters by 14.8 centimeters. Usually there will be multiple volumes in a lot novel series. They usually start off in Japan by being serialized in anthology magazines before being collected in book form. Similar to how images some popular novel magazines in Japan include Dragon Magazine and Dengeki Bunko.

Choose your target audience

Most light novels are written targeted towards a young adult audience. How about you may also want to target it for younger teens or also for adults?

It’s really up to you and your target audiences, so you need to keep in mind who that target audience is to make sure the content,

you know, suits that audience.

For example,

a lot novel that is targeted more towards younger teenagers would probably be a lot less violent than a lot novel

that might be targeted towards adults, just for an example.

So when you’re writing a novel,

you want to keep in mind who your target audience is and think about what they would most like to get from your book and

how you could write your light novel in such a way that it really appeals to our audience.

Some of the most popular light novels are easy, high or fantasy. However, you could choose those dramas, of course. Or you could choose any other genre you like. There is just about any light novel for any genre you can imagine.

I recommend you choose what genres you want to focus on the most in your novel, and then it may help if you look at light novels in your chosen genre to see what the writing style is like and use it for inspiration.

Choose about two or three genres with a lot novel Tobi.

Focus on what it might be about and be able to keep that genre consistently as you continue to write your novel.

Brainstorm plot ideas

Plot ideas and try to find ways to be neat. The next step with this process is to try and get the ideas out of your mind and be able to work with those ideas and develop them further.

For example, you may want to create an easy to highlight novel. However, if you look at the isekai that you want to create, look, you have your best ideas. You want to work with those ideas and try and develop them further into more ideas. So you could look at the ideas you already have and ask a set of questions like, How do I get to this world?

What is that world like? When did they get to this world? What is their main problem in the story? What are their goals? And just continue asking yourself questions and writing down notes based off your questions in order to slowly develop your ideas further.

Start with character design

process of creating a light novel is to start with character designs. Even if it is a lot novel with writing, the characters are still really important and having good designs and good, interesting characters is something that’s really important.

You also need to consider what role your characters play in a lot novel and why they are there. Try coming up with different characters with unique personalities. My recommendation for creating a popular light novel character is to choose one aspect of their design that makes them unique

especially if you give your character a unique feature. It’s something all the characters in the novel can point out and describe. For example, a character might always wear a ribbon in their hair, and when they’re suddenly not wearing the ribbon in their hair, there may be something wrong with them.

They might be sad about something and not wearing the ribbon in their hair. So that’s just one example of a way you can describe a character with a mental image

Build basic plot structure of Light Novel

A basic plot structure has an exposition, a rising action, the climax, falling action and resolution.

Your entire plot should follow this kind of structure. The exposition is how you start your story. So it’s where you tell information about your characters, the world, and the main goal. The rising action usually focuses on your character working towards their goals. In most light novels, this may happen over a few volumes as your character goes on their quest and meets other characters or goes on other subplots.

However, with that, I should also mention that each volume of a Light novel should have its own mini plot structure in its volume. Now, the climax is the main point of the story. It’s usually where there is a big problem. This is where the tension and conflicts that have been built up over the story all lead to this moment.

It is the biggest moment in the story that all the other points have led up to

I recommend you look at each of these points, look at each part of your plot the exposition, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the resolution. And write down little notes of how you want that area of your story to be written, notes about what you want to happen at that point in your story

Introduce the main problem at the beginning of novel

The main problem at the start introducing the main problem at the start. Let the reader know what the character is really working towards and it makes the reader is interested to know what happens next and see how the character is going to resolve that problem.

For example, if you look at the novel, no game in life, you’ll notice how the main problem was not really problems them, but the main situation in the story is shown at the beginning when the two characters get sucked into the game world. That is just one example and I’m sure there’s heaps of lot examples I could use.

Write a strong beginning

write a strong beginning, usually with some action or some conflicts. Now I have talked a little bit about this before, but I will detail it a bit.

So now in a light novel, you want to start in the action as quickly as possible. So you could either start with a conflict or introduce the problem really early on.

I recommend you look at popular novels because they usually start in this method by introducing a conflict or a problem and starting it at the very beginning. It makes the story more interesting a lot faster.

So rather than introducing your character and saying like, Hi, I go to school here, this is my grade, this is my friends, instead, you can’t sort of show those characters in the moment and say, you know, this is what happened when everything changed and then there’s all these dramatic moments and that really draws a reader in and makes them feel like they are a part of the action to

Get to the point as quickly as possible

Write realistic dialogue

While writing a light novel try to write realistic dialog for your characters. Accents, patterns of speech and traits are something you should really keep in mind when you are writing the dialog for your characters.

This is why I think it’s important to develop characters first when you are creating a lot novel, because in this way you have an idea of how their dialog should sound, whether it be to dialog, love, words, calm speech or so on. Accents and speaking habits should also be remembered. Also, keep in mind that with dialog, not everything is explained in our dialog we cut out a lot of things, which helps it to feel more natural.

It might help if you record your own speaking voice in a natural conversation and think about the things you say in the dialog in your story.

Use a mix of dialogue and descriptive wording

use a mix of descriptive wording and dialog Now light novels are usually very dialog heavy. There’s usually a lot of dialog in light novels, more so than there is in Western novels. It’s one of the attributes of a light novel. However, if you want, you sort of find a balance. You want to make sure that you have enough dialog so that you can understand what the characters are saying.

But you also want to make sure you add enough descriptive wording in order to help your readers paint an image of what’s happening in their minds. You want to really find that balance and make sure you have enough wording so that your characters know what’s happening, but not so much that it becomes like a regular novel.

Keep going until you’ve written your novel

Add Illustrations

keep going through this whole process until you have written a lot novel. It may take some time, but remember to be patient with yourself and have fun with the process. It’s about having fun and if you have fun as you are writing a novel, it’s going to make it a lot more easier to create it, but also make the words stand out more and make the words more meaningful.

Publish it

final step to writing a light novel is to publish it. Once you have gone through this process in creating your own light novel, now it’s time to get people reading it and get it out to viewers.

Now there are three ways to publish a light novel. There’s online publishing, self-publishing and traditional publishing. So you could post it online on a website like Wattpad, or you could create your own website and upload chapters of your novel.