Completed Fantasy Light Novel For Beginner

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The fantasy light novel I’ll be talking about is one that’s been on my to read list for about a year.

I was told it was comparable to Abe the Wizard and Birth of the Demonic Sword The light novel I’m referring to is Warlock of the Magus World by the Plagiarist.

It’s a completed light novel with 1200 chapters. 21.2 million views and a 4.43 star rating

The story starts off with our main character, Leylin, who’s transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world. Except there’s magic equipped with only his quick wits and an air ship fuzed to his soul. He sets out to become the most powerful mages the world has ever known. In a land divided into the light and dark magus, the we can either be cattle or disposable slaves.

Only the strong can determine their lives, and only they have the luxury for virtue. Yet strength is only a tool for Leylin like any other. His goal in the end, is his own.

As you can tell by this synopsis, this novel has pretty much the same main character motivation from fantasy light novel like Birth of the Demonic Sword,

Supreme magus and Abe the Wizard being stronger just because they can and come from a different world.

They seek to reach the pinnacle the world has to offer and to reach the pinnacle of the magus world, he needs to continually seek knowledge and power. I thought that the A.I. chip would play a significant role in where the plot would be headed in the story. I thought it would be used as a system that would move the plot around to wherever the author decided to go.

But fortunately, our main character, Leylin, uses it as a tool in the story, and the author doesn’t use it as a plot device that moves along the story,

which sometimes leads the lazy storytelling throughout the story.

Our main character, Leylin, is pretty calm, cunning and collective. He will kill when it suits his purpose and there are things to gain which makes him quite ruthless throughout the majority of the story.

In my opinion, the main character doesn’t have much character development to speak of. Not sure if it’s needed for the story though, but if you’d like a story with character development in the main character, this story isn’t for you anyways. Leylin does have people he cares about, but it has a majority to do with only his bloodline. And that’s it.

One interesting aspect that we don’t often see in light novel is that our main character has offspring, which he uses to leave his mark on the world. I’m only 700 chapters in. I’m interested to see if we get to see how his bloodline progresses on his own without Leylin’s current presence. The author does a great job describing fight scenes that actually explain what’s going on and uses enough descriptive words for the reader to imagine what’s going on and entice you even more into the battles.

This is an isekai story, so how can I not imagine the world building aspect? The world is really big in this story,

and the way that the story is told is not overwhelming to read or feel that there are too many places and locations to keep track of the author keeps introducing us locations slowly without going to one place after another, expecting us to keep track.

Now, the story’s overall pacing is pretty mid. There haven’t been any instances where I was reading and I felt like an arc was going way too fast or slow. So in my opinion, the author did a really good job with the pacing of the story. The story is very creative and doesn’t feel painfully repetitive, and unlike many others, the quality doesn’t decline over time.

It’s really refreshing to read a story where the main character always wins because of his own careful planning rather than they use Ex Machina. It’s really fun to see his schemes play out and the story doesn’t really repeat itself either. Each new arc seems like a natural development based on details and plot points already revealed. This is a must read if you’re looking for a well-written isekai fantasy light novel with a similar main character like Abe the Wizard, Birth of the Demonic Sword and Supreme Magus.