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What is manga, from its history to its modern day rise world-wide, and how has it become a billion-dollar industry with a millions of fans?
list of 10 Manhwa fight where heroes fight to their limit, only to breaking through their power limits to become stronger.
Here we have put together a list of Manhwa and muhwa that fall under the theme where MC get summon to strange world.
Top 10 Manhwa was where the MC is overpowered and goes to a magic school or academy to become the best mage in the world
If you love to watch Manhwa and are always looking for something new, then read the top 10 Manhwa with MC having hidden ability
top 10 mangas and Manhwa series where in the story the characters gain cheat system that give them an unfair advantage over the others.
if you are a newbies who want start reading here is the list of the 10 Manhwa set in the murim world where the MCs become OP