New Age Of Summoners

new age of summones characters

The light novel below we will be discussing is probably a light novel you guys have seen on the light novel platform before, and I’m not sure if it’s only me,

but they constantly flash this web novel across the screen as often as my vampire system. But what can I do? I did read this a couple of months ago, but the story was still pretty young, and at the time I felt like it had great potential.

I picked it back up a couple of weeks ago and it definitely did live up to its potential so far. Anyway, the web novel is called new age of summoners by Vinayraj. At the time, it has 1,559 chapters, a 4.6 star rating and 10 million views on the Web novel. Before I get too into this, I would like to disclose that this is a system web novel.

So if you like that aspect in your novels, you should enjoy this one.

Our story starts off with our main character, Ajax, who’s an orphan, Ajax was living at an orphanage from a young age. But one night a massacre takes place. And a lot of people he considers family died and got separated, with Ajax escaping within an inch of his life.

He unlocks a system. The story takes place in a fantasy world with different races. Magic, a mercenary guild and everything in between you could expect from this genre, said the world. The author’s building does have great potential and isn’t limited in any way from the novels cover you can interpret. Our protagonist will be an elemental summoner and will have people fighting for him or with him in most battles.

With the system as the main premise, you would expect the system directing where the plot just goes and the main character gets dragged along.

But this isn’t the total case with this new age of summoners. Yes, there are times where the main character does stick up for himself and denies the system. But I’d say 60% of the time the system moves the character and the plot. But the way the author wrote this novel, it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. The author wrote the story in a way where I like how the story moves forward.

The author has written a story that I feel literally takes all the parts we love in a web novel, in the aspect of powers, skills and tools we’d like to see in the character hub and mixes it all in. This great mix creates an addicting and binge worthy read. This is definitely another story I wouldn’t read before having to do something important.

It would just suck up all your time. new age of summoners is that addictive.

But I’d rather have that in this kind of web novel because the main character does develop pretty fast. But one thing that the author does a great job of is not having the main character become too overpowered and always having things to develop for the main character and the characters in the story.

I would personally rank them to be the characters,

do what they need to do to move the story along in a way where I don’t care if some characters are one dimensional.

If I would have just one negative thing to say about the novel is that the grammar at the beginning of the story is written really poorly. But after he got his editor, the grammar has gotten pretty good. I am no stickler on grammar at all. Most of the time I really don’t mind. But in my opinion, as long as it’s easy to read and I can follow the story and the story’s important aspects are compelling, it’s alright with me. In my opinion, the story should carry the story more than the grammar.

You’re doing a great job. Also, I’d like to mention Vinay Raj is also working on another book called My Cultivation System.